I was shocked to read the article, ‘Terrorism, Islam and the Gospel’ in FaithfulNews. The author (whose name has not been provided) should take their own advice and study Islam before coming to conclusion such as below, which is completely not true.

“Lots of people seem to be ignoring the fact that every act of terrorism we’ve witnessed has been done under the banner of Islam.”

The author quite conveniently forgets the fact that terrorists like Dylann Roof, Phillip Galea, Glendon Scott Crawford, Anders Breivik (so called Christians) and the list go on were not Muslims. I for one don’t see these people representing Christianity as they have nothing in common with what Christ taught but by the logic of the author as Christianity is based on grace (and not good works), we must consider them authentic Christians. It is obvious that terrorism has no religion.

It would be wrong to call the terrorist attacks done by Daesh to be Islamic because Quran categorically condemns murder and equates the killing of one innocent person as the killing of whole humanity. Studies have proven that these so called ‘Muslims’ do not even have a basic knowledge of Islam and per the FBI, a strong  Muslim identity is the best deterrent against radicalization.

I would invite the author to join Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in condemning all acts of terror and to endorse our campaign against terrorism at www.trueislam.com.