As a proud Australian and member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth, I would like to respond to Pauline’s hateful tweets. Why am I not surprised that Pauline Hanson’s new year resolution is to maintain her xenophobic and bigoted opinion towards Muslims? She in her latest tweets, again, called for the ban on “Islam” (I think she meant Muslims), Burqa (veil) and sharia law. Now, some of you may argue that it’s necessary we ban veil because it prevents integration and is a security risk. Others may say, it’s not founded in Islam so why to choose to wear it all together. So, to set it straight, this isn’t what Islam does or doesn’t require. It’s about forcing a woman to dress in a certain way. Whether you’re forcing a woman to wear the veil or remove the veil, the problem isn’t the veil. The problem is you forcing yourself on women.
Let women choose how to dress. Stop forcing yourself on them.
Even more ironic is that she hashtags such ignorant tweets with #merrychristmas. Imagine if Prophet Jesus (may peace be upon him) was alive to read her tweet. He would not have been pleased to see such behavior from people who are claiming to be “follow” his peaceful teachings. This kind of speech and attitude is anything but Christ like. Such vile comments not only hurt Muslims but are also a disgrace to my fellow Christians. I can ensure you that my Christian friends do not wish others Merry Christmas with hateful motives.
I urge you all not to ignore the information that challenges your preconceived notions regarding Islam and come and find for yourself what Islam truly stands for. I welcome you all to one of Australia’s biggest and oldest Annual Convention in Marsden Park Sydney, organized by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and held in Australia’s biggest mosque in the last week of December.
Ata Ul Hadi, Berwick VIC